HCAHPS® Survey

As a non-profit organization, careLearning continues to help hospitals with the challenges of employee development during tougher economic times in healthcare. As part of this mission, we have sought out a cost-effective solution for meeting HCAHPS® surveys as mandated by CMS.

Key Benefits:

  • Utilize required HCAHPS® survey questions and make additions to tailor to your specific needs
  • Compare Specialties within your facility such as OB, Surgery, Cardiac Care, and Oncology
  • Compare with hospitals across the nation and get a percentile ranking for each question.
  • Drill down reporting to specific locations within a multi-campus network
  • Compile Patient Comments
  • In addition, we can offer CG-CAHPS, Home Health CAHPS, and Pediatric CAHPS.

We can make this convenient, easy, and affordable. We are providing this service as an approved provider listed as CAMC Institute.

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